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Beginner Topic: Starting from Scratch

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Ok well I have been trying to start a simple project to help me learn and I have been reading all over about scripting languages and whatnot and I think it just might be that I am not seeing things clear from an information overload or what... What I am trying to do is create a simple tic-tac-toe game with a moddable interface. The game will be written in C++/C# and I want to try to use Ruby as the scripting language, but Python and Lua are not out of the question. I want the scripting language to cover all of the GUI stuff and leave the logic to C++/C# so that after I get a simple base tic tac toe board down I could add 'mods' like record tracker and most played square etc. I really don't know how to use XML much either, it seems simple enough but I don't know, having trouble actually making use of it. I have downloaded SWIG for wrapping the scripting languages, but not all too sure how that works either (reading the documentation as we speak, so I could answer my own questions) Can someone shove me in the right direction? Any tutorials I might have missed on my google assault?

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