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48 and 64 bit PNG Support?

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While working on my bitmap (not the file format) library for loading and filtering 2D textures I decided to add support for images with 16 bits per channel. I had to make a lot of changes to get it to work but now I have a conversion filter that can take an image of one format and change into any of the others (RGB, RGBA, Gray Alpha, Grayscale, Alpha - 8/16 bits/channel). Now that I am trying to test it I've discovered that none of my software seems to display the image correctly. All I get is the same picture reduced to 1/4th size, repeated 4 times in a row, horizontally, along the to upper 1/4th of the image. I currently do not foresee a need for saving and loading images with 16 bits per channel, but I would still like to know if my solution works. I may find a need for it later. I'm thinking that it could be useful with HDR effects although I'm learning about HDR. So my query is: Are there any image viewers that support PNG's with 16 bits/channel (including 48 and 64 bit PNG's)?

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