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Operator Overloading Problem

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Hello I have a class that has an overloaded operator:
class ObjectModel
    ObjectModel(string file);
    ObjectModel& operator=(const ObjectModel &a)
        NumVertex = a.NumVertex;
        NumNormal = a.NumNormal;
        NumTexCoord = a.NumTexCoord;
        NumTriangle = a.NumTriangle;
        VertexArray = a.VertexArray;
        NormalArray = a.NormalArray;
        TexCoordArray = a.TexCoordArray;
        TriangleArray = a.TriangleArray;
        Filename = a.Filename;
        return *this;
    int NumVertex;
    int NumNormal;
    int NumTexCoord;
    int NumTriangle;
    ObjectVertex *VertexArray;
    ObjectNormal *NormalArray;
    ObjectTexCoord *TexCoordArray;
    ObjectTriangle *TriangleArray;
    string *Filename;

However, it is not working later when it is called:
ObjectLoader::ObjectLoader(int objects)
    ObjectArray = new ObjectModel[objects];
    for(int a=0; a < objects; a++)
        ObjectArray[a] = NULL; //Here
void ObjectLoader::LoadObject(int index)
    if(ObjectArray[index] != NULL) FreeObject(index); //Here
    ObjectArray[index] = new ObjectModel; //Here

Can someone help me weed out this problem? Thanks.

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None of these make much sense:

ObjectArray[a] = NULL;
if(ObjectArray[index] != NULL)
ObjectArray[index] = new ObjectModel;

From the looks of this:

ObjectArray = new ObjectModel[objects];

Each ObjectArray
  • is an instance of ObjectModel, not a pointer-to-ObjectModel. Value types usually have no concept of NULL, nor does it make sense to assign them to pointers to "new ObjectModel"s from the heap.

    Note that your overloaded operator= only does what the default operator= does as well (e.g. assign all individual objects).

    It sounds like you might want to be using:

    ObjectModel** ObjectArray = new ObjectModel*[index];. This causes that code to make sense, since you're dealing with pointers to ObjectModels now, but then the ObjectModel's operator= becomes entirely unrelated.

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    As MaulingMonkey You overloaded only the ascription(?! don't know how to say it correct) operator. It mean that you can do something like this:
    Object a, b;
    //some operations with a
    b = a;

    If you want to get to specific element of object you should overload [] operator too.

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