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Hiya, I thought I understood const and const parameters, but I've just come across a couple of lines that I really don't understand.
virtual bool HandleEvent( Event const &ev ) = 0;
EventType const	&GetType() const;

// and finally...
explicit Event( wchar_t const * const pchEventTypeName )
The first line - if the const was before Event, it would mean that ev will not me modified by the function. What does it mean in this position? The second line - the last const means that GetType will not modify any member variables, and I'd guess that the first const means that the return value cannot be modified by the calling code... right? The third line (a ctor) - I'm not even going to try and guess what those consts mean... :( Many thanks for any explanations. [smile] I always try and write const-correct code for readability, but I've never seen those before. Apparantly compilers can perform optimisations on const parameters and the like as well.

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