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help needed with struct memory

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hi there i am using C and trying to set my memory so it points one after another so that my data is not stored all over the place, when i go into my patch function my data is lost can anyone help by the way MemoryAllocatePtr does the same job as malloc

struct sDriverData
	float skill;
	float temper;

} sDriverData;

struct sAIData
	int nbAIDrivers;
	sDriverData *pAIDriverData;

} sAIData;

struct sAIDataFile
	int magic; 
	int version;
	sAIData *pAIData;

} sAIDataFile;

void AIBLoader_Init()
	int i;
	/* allocate memory for our POINTERS */
	pAIDataFile = (sAIDataFile *)MemoryAllocatePtr(sizeof(sAIDataFile),MF_NONE);
	pAIDataFile->pAIData = (sAIData *)MemoryAllocatePtr(sizeof(sAIData),MF_NONE);
	pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData = (sDriverData *)MemoryAllocatePtr(sizeof(sDriverData)*nbDrivers,MF_NONE);
	/* add some data */
	pAIDataFile->version = 1;
	pAIDataFile->pAIData->nbAIDrivers = 10;
	pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData->skill = 0.2f;
	pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData->temper = 0.5f;
	/* CopyAndCollate */
	pAIDataFile = AIBLoaderCopyAndCollate(pAIDataFile);
	/* Patch */

sAIDataFile *AIBLoaderCopyAndCollate(sAIDataFile *pAIDataFile)
	int size,i;
	sAIDataFile *pNewAIDataFile;
	/* First calc how much memory we need */
	size = sizeof(sAIDataFile);
	size += sizeof(sAIData);
	size += (sizeof(sDriverData) * pAIDataFile->pAIData->nbAIDrivers);
	/* Allocate memory */
	pNewAIDataFile = (sAIDataFile *)MemoryAllocatePtr(size, MF_LOCK);
	/* Set pointers */
	pNewAIDataFile->pAIData = pNewAIDataFile + sizeof(sAIDataFile);
	pNewAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData = pNewAIDataFile->pAIData + sizeof(sAIData);
	/* Copy data */
	pNewAIDataFile->pAIData->nbAIDrivers = pAIDataFile->pAIData->nbAIDrivers;
	for (i=0; i<pNewAIDataFile->pAIData->nbAIDrivers; i++)
		pNewAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData.skill =  pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData.skill;
		pNewAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData.temper =  pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData.temper;
	/* Free old one */
	pAIDataFile = NULL;
	/* Return the new one */

void AIBLoaderPatch(sAIDataFile *pAIDataFile)
	pAIDataFile->pAIData->pAIDriverData -= (int32)pAIDataFile->pAIData;
	pAIDataFile->pAIData -= (int32)pAIDataFile;

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I don't understand your problem. What do you mean by "one after the other and not all over the place"?
What do you mean by "my data is lost"? Are you saying that the values of the struct being passed are not what you expected?

If you provide some more information about your problem maybe I'll be able to help.

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I presume he wants to something like with SecurityDescriptors which can be self-relative or absolute. Or if you're unfamiliar with that, like a variable length struct.

The obvious answer is: Dont do it!
It is perhaps premature optimisation. Why would you not just use malloc and let it allocate memory where it feels like?

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when i go in collate all my data in the struct such as skill is fine but then when i go into patch the data values are lost?

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