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Quaid Tseng

Modulus in assembly shader? How?

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Assembly shader language has mul, add, mad,.... but there's no mod instruction, how to do that? BTW, how to use "if" in assembly shader? For example, in C++ we write: if(c1 > c2)c3 = c1; How to do this in assembly shader? Thanks to any reply!

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You can perform an arithmetic modulus in ps_2_0 but not in ps_1_x (as there's no frc). All vertex-shader models support the necessary operations. It's done using rcp, mul and frc. In pseudo-asm:

a % b = frc(a / b) * b


rcp t, b
mul t, t, a
frc t, t
mul o, t, b

where a and b are the inputs, t is temporary and o is the result.

Conditionals can be performed under any pixel shader model using the cnd operator, and under any vertex shader model using slt. I trust you can work these out yourself. Bear in mind, that a copy of FX Composer is invaluable when working out the best way to express non-intrinsic shader instructions.


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Thanks to TheAdmiral's hot and clear words.

Now I build SMVM on GPU,
I think assembly is much efficient than HLSL/Cg.
However I can't find some decent tutors.

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