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Goober King

GDI guru needed.

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I hope this is a good home for this. So I'm working on a little test project using a third party library for the handling image files. Specifically FreeImage, which I have running and doing its thing using C#. The project isn't a 3d game but Windows 2D application using standard gui elements. Which is actually unfamiliar programing for me. I'm usinging because it does have an extra few tricks I need. Now the part I'm fuzzy on is where I need to take what it does, and get something usable I can display in a standard windows environment. I'm thinking I'm looking more for theory than actual code, so I don't think someone needs to have used freeimage to point me in the right direction. Just better GDI skills than I. Now the library loads and creates data into a RGBA buffer and I'm assuming it has its own form of non-standard header information describing the bitmap information. I'm also assuming this data makes it incompatible with windows GDI directly E.G. cant just make a graphics object out of it. There is a function for converting to raw that sounds like it may be the ticket for getting a usable format but I cant say for sure. Now with my general inexperience with the whole GDI+ thing I need find out if I'm headed the right way or barking up the wrong tree all together. So would it go something like Get the data formated correctly. create a new Bitmap and set it to use the 3rd party data. create a displayable Graphics object out of the bitmap My money says I missing some things and most of my searching leads me to fragments of what I'm looking for. It always goes faster if you find someone that has already been through it.

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