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WIN32 creating System Tray program with pop-up Dialog Boxes

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I am trying to create a program that I can minimize to the Windows system tray using Win32 programming, VS and C++. My plan is when I click on the program icon in the system tray, a pop up menu containing a list, for example: "About", "Configuration..." and "Exit" will appear. Then when you click on any entry of the list, a dialog box will pop up. I have successfully minimize my program to the system tray and be able to do left and right click to show some dialog boxes. However, if fells like it's a HACK to get it to work. Here's why: - First of all: When you create a Win32 program using VS .net, by default, you will be provided with a menu window with "File", "About". Then, you can click on the "About" on the menu window and a pop up Dialog Box will show up. - The way I am solve my problem is: 1. minimize the default menu window to the system tray 2. when I click on the program icon on the system tray, a list will pop up and then dialog box will appear when I choose any of the entry in the list. I am using "AppendMenu" function to create each of the list entries. 3. here's the part where it feels like it's a hack: I HIDE the menu window and not using it at all. I did this because I need buttons, and I cannot use/create button on the menu window. Is there any suggestion on how to tackle this problem better instead of hiding the menu window? Instead of using AppendMenu function, is there I way to access one of the drop down menu in the menu window (that I never used) so it pop up on the system tray when I click on the program icon. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. [Edited by - nekobasu33 on June 26, 2007 1:37:01 PM]

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I am having a bit of difficulty following what you are doing. What is the menu window? Maybe you can post a relevant sample of code?

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Sorry for the confusion. What I mean by menu window is the default win32 window that is provided when we are using the new-project wizard in Visual Studio. It's the window that will appear when we do the following:

hwnd = CreateWindowEX(...);

ShowWindow(hWnd, nCmdShow);

My intentions:

1. To store my application/program in the system tray, so only the icon appear on it.
2. To be able to do right and left-click operation on the icon (that I store in the system tray), and a list will pop up. It can have "Configuration", "About", and what not.
3. To be able to choose one of the items in the pop-up list and a window will pop up with some buttons that I can click on.

However, since I cannot add button on the default window, I'm using Dialog Box for whenever I choose anything on the pop-up list. And then I hide the main window by using:

ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE);

Here's how I do my pop up list on the system tray:

HMENU myMenu = NULL;
myMenu = CreatePopupMenu();

AppendMenu(myMenu, MF_STRING, IDM_CONFIG, _T("Configuration..."));
AppendMenu(myMenu, MF_STRING, IDM_TRAYABOUT, _T("About"));
AppendMenu(myMenu, MF_SEPARATOR, 0, _T(""));
AppendMenu(myMenu, MF_STRING, IDM_TRAYEXIT, _T("Exit"));

These whole thing feels like a hack, though, because I am hiding and not using the main window at all.
I hope I don't make you more confuse with my explanation.

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Have you tried that using a menu defined in the .rc file?

Here's a snippet used with a context menu (ie a right mouse click popup)

HMENU hmenu = LoadMenu(GetModuleHandle(NULL), "context"); // GetMenu(hWnd);
HMENU hsub = GetSubMenu(hmenu, 0);
LOWORD(lparam), HIWORD(lparam), hwnd, NULL);
return 0;

/* and this is the menu in the .rc file

context MENU


The rest of this cheesy little program can be found here.

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