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dynamic vertex buffer problem

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Hya, I'm having trouble getting a dynamic vertex buffer to work. Belows the render code and the vertex structure
bool CLANDSCAPE::RenderTriangle( LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pD3DDevice,
									const D3DXVECTOR3 &v1, const D3DXVECTOR3 &v2, const D3DXVECTOR3 &v3) {

	if( m_svbLandscape == NULL ) return false;

	// default nooverwrite

	// check for space left in the buffer
	if( m_suintVertexCount + 3 > m_suintMaxVertices ) {

		FlushBuffers( pD3DDevice );

		// discard the buffer
		dwLockFlag = D3DLOCK_DISCARD;

	// append vertices to buffer
	VERTEX_LAND vertices[3];
	vertices[0].vPos = v1;
	vertices[0].diffuse = 1;
	vertices[1].vPos = v2;
	vertices[1].diffuse = 0;
	vertices[2].vPos = v3;
	vertices[2].diffuse = 0;

	VOID* pBuffer;
	if( FAILED( m_svbLandscape->Lock( m_suintVertexCount * sizeof(VERTEX_LAND), 3 * sizeof(VERTEX_LAND), &pBuffer, dwLockFlag ) ) ) {

		return false;

	memcpy( pBuffer, vertices, 3 * sizeof(VERTEX_LAND) );

	//increment count of vertices in buffer

	return true;

void CLANDSCAPE::FlushBuffers( LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pD3DDevice ) {

	if( !m_suintVertexCount ) return;

	// draw primitive
	pD3DDevice->DrawPrimitive( D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, 0, m_suintVertexCount / 3  );

	m_suintVertexCount = 0;


	if( m_svbLandscape == NULL ) return;

	pD3DDevice->SetStreamSource( 0, m_svbLandscape, 0, sizeof(VERTEX_LAND) );

	for( UINT i = 0; i < CLANDSCAPE_PATCHES_PER_SIDE; ++i ) {

		for( UINT j = 0; j < CLANDSCAPE_PATCHES_PER_SIDE; ++j ) {

			m_cPatches[j].Render( pD3DDevice );

Here's the vertex struct and fvf
struct VERTEX_LAND {

	DWORD diffuse;


Here's the code for initialising the vertex buffer

	return pD3DDevice->CreateVertexBuffer( m_suintMaxVertices * sizeof(VERTEX_LAND), D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC,
									LANDSCAPE_FVF, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &m_svbLandscape, NULL );

The diffuse value was added just to see if that was the problem. The problem is that the drawprimitive call doesn't work. I just get first-chance exceptions. At the drawprimitive call I've unlocked the buffer and checked the vertices and they seem fine. m_suintVertexCount and m_svbLandscape are static variables in CLANDSCAPE and RenderTriangle and FlushBuffers are static functions in CLANDSCAPE. This code's being used to render a ROAM algorithm heavily based on the tutorial on gamasutra. The CLANDSCAPE::Render function is called first and calls render functions for each ROAM patch (CPATCH). The patches recourse two triangle trees and when they reach a leaf they call the static CLANDSCAPE::RenderTriangle function. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Matt

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Actually, just posting the code made me notice that I hadn't set the FVF (pD3DDevice->SetFVF()). It works now. What an idiot lol.



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It never fails, just post your problem and your code, and ask for help, and the answer will magically come to you a few minutes later! :D

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