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Correct Way to Apply Rotations.

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*Updated* Dear All, I've currently got a sphere, which I'm trying to rotate with some GUI controls. I've got a dial to rotate around the Z axis, and I've got a little joystick which you can drag around to rotate in the X,Y axis. The first thing I did to try and do this was to just create a rotation matrix. However hte problem with that is when I rotate in Z axis, the other two axis rotate, so when the user moves the joystick right, the sphere no longe rotates right, but up. To fix this I decided I needed to rotate around an arbitrary axis. So using the joystick position I create an axis and rotate around that. That works exactly like I want it two with two problems. First, how do I add the Z rotation component to this? Secondly, whenever the joystick crosses the origin, the sphere spins around before starting to rotate in the correct way. Below is the code I'm using : Vector3 axisx; Quaternion final; double kX=mKnobX-mCompassX;//How far the tip of the joystick is from its origin double kY=mKnobY-mCompassY; double kZ=0; if(kX!=0&&kY!=0)//Prevent Division by Zero { axisx.x=-kY/sqrt(kX*kX+kY*kY+kZ*kZ); axisx.y=kX/sqrt(kX*kX+kY*kY+kZ*kZ); axisx.z=kZ/sqrt(kX*kX+kY*kY+kZ*kZ); final.SetAxisAndRotation(axisx,mCameraRotate); double xx = final.v.x * final.v.x; double xy = final.v.x * final.v.y; double xz = final.v.x * final.v.z; double xw = final.v.x * final.s; double yy = final.v.y * final.v.y; double yz = final.v.y * final.v.z; double yw = final.v.y * final.s; double zz = final.v.z * final.v.z; double zw = final.v.z * final.s; mInternalCamera[0] = 1 - 2 * ( yy + zz ); mInternalCamera[1] = 2 * ( xy - zw ); mInternalCamera[2] = 2 * ( xz + yw ); mInternalCamera[4] = 2 * ( xy + zw ); mInternalCamera[5] = 1 - 2 * ( xx + zz ); mInternalCamera[6] = 2 * ( yz - xw ); mInternalCamera[8] = 2 * ( xz - yw ); mInternalCamera[9] = 2 * ( yz + xw ); mInternalCamera[10] = 1 - 2 * ( xx + yy ); mInternalCamera[3] = mInternalCamera[7] = mInternalCamera[11] = mInternalCamera[12] = mInternalCamera[13] = mInternalCamera[14] = 0; mInternalCamera[15] = 1; } return mInternalCamera; Maybe I'm approching this task from the wrong angle? Jesse [Edited by - laeuchli on June 26, 2007 2:53:46 PM]

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