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Wanted: Book recomendations

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Have you looked in our book reviews section? There are some suggestions in there. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice is the bible of computer graphics. It's gradually getting dated, but nearly everything in there is still applicable. It's also not tied to any API (it uses a graphics package that really isn't used anymore). Note that this is written as a textbook, so it's not always the easiest read.

Also, I haven't yet read John de Goes 3D Game Programming With C++, but it will be out by the end of the month, and the author has a good track record. It uses Direct3D IM. Also worth considering is the OpenGL Programming Guide, which is really good, and it assumes no previous graphics programming experience.

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I don't know how I do it, but I always have the recommended books here at home.

My 3d graphics stuff is like:

- Cutting Edge of 3D Game programming
- OpenGl programming Guide
- Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice
- Black Art of Windows Game Programming
- Computer Animation
- Computer graphics
- Gardens of Imagination
- Inside DirectX

and quite some more *sigh*.....

Dance with me......

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Hi again!!
I think I'm going to get two books, one
for each API. Figured I have to learn them both anyway

1. 3D game programming with C++.
2. OpenGL programming guide.

Thanks guys for the advice.


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Hay there!
As you all know christmas is soon here and it is time to begin to consider what artifact you should fool your beloved ones to buy for you. I thought I would wish myself a book
teching me how to create 3D-graphics in
Windows. But there is a lot of books out there on this subject, which one should I choose or which type of book should I choose.
Should i go for book covering a specific API
or should I go for one covering the general subjects of 3-dimensional graphics??
The API's I see as probable candidates for my attention is Direct3D and OpenGL, since they are what my graphic-card supports.
I have done some 2D graphics(a simple tetris clone ) with directX so I don't have to worry about learning WIN 32 API or the basic's of computer graphics. The languages i currently know is C/C++.
If any of you exprerienced guys(or girls) out
there have any suggestions at all about this
it would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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