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Restricting physics collisions to vehicles

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Sorry posted this in the wrong forum (the beginners one by mistake). I'll post it in this one as I think this is where it should go. Sorry for the mistake. *Original Post* Hi! I've been spending the last few days/weeks learning the basics of the infrastructure of games. I've been getting familiarized with ODE and some great tutorials I found for it on the web. I've knocked the idea of making my own engine on the head and have decided to use something pre-existing. Problem is I'm planning for my game to run using the Torque engine and apparently the physics that come with it are bad. I'm aiming for an MMOG game within the next 5-6 years (probably longer) and it needs to have fixed wing aircraft incorporated into it. I wonder does this requirement rule out the low-spec capability of the default Torque physics? If so, then that would mean utilising ODE as the physics 'plug-in' to the Torque engine but the lads currently working on it report issues relating to 'networking' problems. They say that when too many objects are on screen the cohesion between what each client sees really breaks down. I wonder then does that rule out using an ODE plug-in to Torque due to networking issues with the MMOG aspect firmly in mind? Or as my topic title asks, do you think that having nothing in the game except vehicles using the physics engine would circum-navigate the networking issues? Sorry for a long post but I really had to ask[smile]

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