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Noob help with xna?

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After deciding to do xna and after going from advice on looking at a book, I decided I would buy one. Instead of Professional xna game programming I got "Xna game studio creator guide" At a Barnes and Noble. (First problem has been fixed but it was because another file needed to be added). One other problem is with the shader(almost all of this stuff want covered but needs to be added). mfxTex = content.Load<Effect>(@"shaders\TextureShader") Do I add a new .cs file and put the shader information that came with it or what do I do?(sorry once again im new at this). Plurock.

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The best way is to use the content pipeline. It should be covered in the book, if not let me know and I will write something up on how to add stuff to it and use it.


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Thanks for the sentiment.
I got everything working after 1 hour of guess and check(The author puts no mention that you have to add the 2 shaders, a picture, a camera program, and then finally the regular one).

After the initial joy I got from having it sort of work(camera is inverted(or maybe its suppose to be like that))I went on to the next lesson on basic shapes.
I did it and nothing showed up(I know about the tutorial on how to do this but Im trying to keep some faith in the authors).
The order of everything was
1) Make an initialization method in which the coordinates and colors would be added. Put this in the first method(I assumed the game1).
2)Make an initialization for the vertex(s) in the game1 as well and then another initialization.
3 Lastly in the initialize() at the end put the method from step one.

Comparing it to a tutorial(the tutorial worked), the coordinates were in the load graphics method and it was much easier.
Where did it all go wrong?

ps. the author doesn't put code around the code he says to insert(in the book) so its hard to see where exactly he means.

thanks a lot.

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