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I am creating a new (freeware) scripting language and I would like to get some feedback on what features are wanted by scripting/programming communities. I'm trying to combine nice features from various languages and incorporate them in my own. It's called SteelScript (codename for now), I have some code examples here so you can get a better idea of it's current features: An example of a city defense game can be found here: Here's a current list: - C based syntax - Functions can be used as objects - Embedded functions - Anonymous functions - COM automation - Associative arrays - Callbacks - XML integration - Try/catch error handling - Eval (like javascript eval) functionality - All known C constructs (for, while, do, if, else, else if, switch) and foreach/try/catch I started developing this script because I couldn't find any scripting language that suits my needs and is native to .NET. I would like to know the stuff you think is a good idea to be integrated into SteelScript or that should be changed.

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