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Samurai Jack

Automated file loader (Not quite class factory)

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Samurai Jack    455
Greetings! I have a C++ problem regarding a file loader. I would like to have somekind of automated loader. Let us say, we have a few classes:
class Person (which can load/save name, surname, age)
class Company (which can load/save factory details)
class Date (which can load/save date & time)
What I could do is some kind of enumerators and a class factory
char code = getchar(fs);
switch (code)
case 1: { Person* p = new Person(); p.Load(fs); };
case 2: { Company* c = new Company(); c.Load(fs); };
case 3: { Date* d = new Date(); d.Load(fs); };
I do not like this too much because allways when you add a new object like:
class Airplane() (which can laod/save passanger data, fuel etc..)
You allways have to update the class factory. It would be great if Airplane could inherit from a base class and as soon it is inherited it has all the capabilities to load and save. So when you define a class like Airplane it can in theory be loaded. Or do I have to do something like a header ".h" file, which contains all classes? Like:
BaseClass* array[] = { new Person, new Company, new Date };
and then allways when a code is read out of a file, I would iterate the array like this:
for each object in array do if array[current].CodeValid(code_from_file) then base* pObject = array[current].CreateNew();
Does someone have an idea or suggestion?

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Giallanon    1893
You could use factory.
Store the class name in the file instead of a code and then, use factory to spawn the right class.

char *className = readStringFromFile (fs);
BaseClass *c = Factory::SpawnClass (className);
c->Load (fs);

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