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Multiple Animations

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Hi all, I'm working in C#, DirectX 9. I have 2 creatures standing next to each other, both playing through the idle animation set. When I hit one with a fireball, it blends out of the "Idle" animation track and into the "Death" animation track. If I hit the second creature with another fireball, he doesn't blend into the death animation, but instead immediately animates the same frames with the first guy. With my limited understanding of how animations work, it seems the animation tracks are not independent but are somehow linked. I'm struggling to find decent resources on how to sort this out. I've read some things here and there on how you need to clone the animation controller, which I have tried, but still no luck. For reference: Each of my monster objects have their own animation controller that they store internally, which is cloned from the original controller I got when I loaded the animation up at resource load time. Can anyone help me out or point me in the direction of some helpful reource that has eluded my google-fu? I'd appreciate any assistance.

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