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Help finding Lock-Free Ring Buffer / FIFO queue

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Hey, So i'm playing around with a bizarro multi-processor architecture. Does anyone know where I can find source to either a lock-free ring-buffer or just plain ol lock-free FIFO queue? Since this will get hit frequently, I'd prefer something that doesn't require memory allocation/deallocation for the enqueue/dequeue operations (though that's perhaps a separate issue). [EDIT: should mention I'm working in C++ primarily on windows] [EDIT2: more detail. I'm looking for only single-writer (and preferably multiple-reader) implementations. single-reader could still work if it's easier to find code] To prove my due diligence [smile]: I've found a uniprocessor version of the former and a few papers describing the latter. I could certainly derive the code from the papers but I'd feel safer finding a "known good" implementation of either. This is something I'd rather not (1) reinvent and (2) debug for what I hope are obvious reasons. =) The links I've found: uniprocessor single-reader/single-writer FIFO ring buffer (not useful to me): a lock-free ring buffer that does not appear to be thread-safe: a paper describing a lock-free FIFO queue: some more papers on algorithms: Now, the last two are certainly helpful, but don't contain full source code. Also, for optimization reasons I'd prefer it be a ring buffer since I don't want there to be constant allocations in this part of my design. -me [Edited by - Palidine on July 8, 2007 7:12:35 PM]

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