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Text Anomaly

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I'm using DirectX to display text and graphics, but when I draw sprites and text at the same time, my text appears at the position of the last drawn sprite. I am using a custom sprite to handle all of my drawing. I am explicitly setting the sprite coordinates before each render call so I have no idea where this is coming from. My 2d Object class specifies it's own Rectangle and coordinates, and so does my text class. Could this possibly be caused by the translation matrix that I am using for my sprite? I only use the matrix for 2d objects, not text. Can I specify the matrix to be used for a text call as well? Thanks! [Edit] Whoops, my bad :( I totally figure it out. I wasn't resetting the matrix when I drew the text, since it was actually drawn through the font, rather than the sprite. I fixed it up though, sorry for the useless post {:)

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