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SIG (Special Interest Group) - Games at school

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Ok, so I have this crazy idea of re-pitching this already failed group at my University. The argument is that the projects for a SIG for games get to large and tedious. I have some ideas about going to the officials for my school and asking them if I can form a new official group. Some of my ideas: -Weekly meetings on game programming techniques and ideas. -Programming projects and exercises to help members get a better idea of how games and 2D/3D games work. -Podcast on all things games, school news, group news, meeting announcements. -1 Semester long (possibly year-long) project for the entire group. etc.... I would really like to create this group and get the university to recognize it as a real group of students. I want to be able to get freshmen and incoming high school students interested in Computer Science. While many people find lots of cool things to do with a CS degree after graduating, there are others that still want to get into the gaming industry. I think that if I can get this group recognized and advertised by the university, then members can start putting this valuable experience on their resumes. The general idea is to not only get incoming students interested in Computer Science. It will be used to help those who have already picked this major to use their skills in a fun environment. It also allows students to practice what they are learning in the classroom. I am an intermediate programmer and think that the best way to learn coding, is by experience. I want to encourage the university to use this type of learning, to use this group to its advantage. If any of you have any great ideas, please let me know here. I would like to put something together so I can pitch the idea this fall. Thanks in advance! Chris [Edited by - Roosh on July 9, 2007 3:13:22 AM]

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