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Non-static sized TCP-packets?

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You could give your packet structures a size() function that would take the place of sizeof.

struct packet_character_say {
unsigned short character_number;
char *message;
unsigned int size() { return sizeof(character_number) + strlen(message); }

struct packet_character_move {
int dx;
int dy;
unsigned int size() { return sizeof(dx) + sizeof(dy); }

packet_data.character_number = 123; /* or whatever */
sprintf(packet_data.message, "hello"); /* this isn't done manually, but just to illustrate... */
packet_header.packet_type = PACKET_CHARACTER_SAY;
packet_header.packet_size = packet_data.size();

Keep in mind, though, since you're dealing with a pointer, you'll have to worry about how you're getting that data into and out of the network buffer. Cant just cast raw memory into a struct like you might have been able to do otherwise.

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