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Hi all, I just have a quick question about map format. In the past, I have created maps that use a static size of memory. IE; map = new char[MAP_WIDTH * MAP_HEIGHT]; So, map memory footprints are the same each time. I have also read a few articles on map file format, including this one: which discusses loading portions of the map from a file on demand. I like the idea because it allows for large maps, but the file format required sounds almost too rigid. My question is, does/has anyone actually done this? Is the file IO actually a bottleneck? Found any workarounds for the rigidness? Also, what are your standard outdoor map sizes (tile sizes would be relevant also)? Because using the static format I first mentioned, a map of 1024x1024 has a mem usage of 1byte*1024*1024=1Gig (or am I doing that wrong)? Thanks, -Sevans

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/slaps forehead.

Thanks, I thought something was wrong with my math. I should have just looked it up online. Just another reason why I hate 'concept only' taught courses. I should know that off the top of my head without looking it up....

I am going to bail on the loading map on demand. It just doesn't seem necessary and will place more restrictions on the map format than I am willing to allow.

Thanks again,


EDIT: Hours later I still can't believe I did that...

[Edited by - Sevans on July 11, 2007 11:16:49 AM]

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