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(Texture Splatting) Alphamap

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Hello, I have just read blooms article on texture splatting ( Texture Splatting ), but there is one thing I didnt understand: the automatic generation of the alpha map. lets consider a case like this: I have an 8x8 tiles chunk and a 16x16 alphamap (so 2 texel for every quad) and 2 textures on this chunk: sand and gras. Now I have to create one alphamap for sand and one for gras. So for example for sand: I have to dedice for every pixel in the alphamap, which alpha value (0 to 1) is stored. But how do I get this value? Lets watch at a 4x4 texel block of the sand alphamap: ( 4x4 sand alphamap texels ) We have 16 texels on the alphamap and 9 vertices (4 vertices for one quad). The vertices are either sand vertices (marked with S) or gras vertices (marked with G), decided by their height (for example: height of vertex 1 = 30m, so its a sand vertex). Now I want to evaluate the grey texel (coord 3,3)of the sand alpha map. But how can I do this? I cant just look at the 8 surrounding texels, cause I dont know if they are sand or gras texels (look at texel with coord 3,4. the left vertex is sand, but the vertex right is gras, so what is texel 3,4 for a type??) I know I have to weight the surrounding texel in some way, but I cant figure out how. I hope somebody understand my problem and can help me! :) thanks [Edited by - schupf on July 12, 2007 11:09:40 AM]

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