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[Fixed] Reboots when opening multiple rendering contexts

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Howdy people, I'm currently developing a video filter that renders 3D stuff into your windows media player. For this I am using OpenGL in the background. Now since yesterday I have been haunted by reboots since I try to open a second rendering context in the video filter DLL, and I haven't been able to locate the problem. So I am hoping some of you might have an idea where to look. What I have is the following: - DLL, containing the video filter - Thread: initializing OGL, running the rendering every frame (don't shoot me, this is necessary) - Another thread, doing the same as above - Some syncing to prevent one OGL context from becoming active while the other is still rendering. I quickly put this in to get the multiple renderer thingy going, so it may not be perfect. What happens: - I run my window media player classic attached to the debugger (VC2005), it loads the DLL, it renders like it should - I close the WMP - I run it again, and when loading OGL: BANG, reboot Does anyone have an idea what could be causing such a hard crash? What could I possibly do to make Windows reboot? The last time I managed to do that I was doing some VERY illegal and exotic stuff. But now... thanks in advance [edit] Some more info, the event log states I had a bugcheck reboot. Looking up the error codes it means I had an access violation in a kernel-mode program, probably a driver. [edit2] I found the problem. Apparently I had a typo in the classname I pass to RegisterClass. The whole system goes tits up if the classname parameter does not exactly match the string "OpenGL". Pretty weak it crashes the OS/driver though. [Edited by - Structural on July 13, 2007 2:46:21 AM]

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