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Project: Asteroid Blast demo, LOTS of cool updates!

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Remember my old Project: Asteroid Blast demo? Well, it's gone through quite a few changes. Check this out! [smile] For those of you who never played the old demo, Project: Asteroid Blast is a game that is simple to play and hard to pull away from. Shoot asteroids, earn money, and buy upgrades for your ship. The game saves its progress after each level completed, so you can quit playing anytime you like and resume when you have more free time. All of the graphics are hand-drawn by me, the programmer. So all of the game's graphics are programmer art! And all of the sound effects are me speaking or blowing into the microphone... There's no synthesized or sampled sounds here, just sounds I made while sitting in front of my computer. The game definitely has a goofy feeling to it! The game is written in C++ and DirectX, so the game plays very fast and smooth. The game supports gamepads and XBox 360 controllers, and features force-feedback effects if your game controller supports it. The game can be played in a window or fullscreen. If the game's played in a window, the mouse is tied to the window until you go to the Ingame Menu and click on the "Release Mouse" button. The fullscreen game can be configured to whatever resolution and refresh rate that your monitor supports, although the game may look somewhat stretched out if played on a widescreen monitor. This is a demo that lets you play through the first ten levels, plus the first two bonus rounds. The gameplay is similar to my first demo, except now there's the added depth of money and upgrades, as well as the ability to autosave your game's progress. Here's the download! Project: Asteroid Blast demo download (3.68MB)
>Project: Asteroid Blast gameplay video (YouTube) It's a zipped file, simply extract the contents somewhere on your harddrive and run the file "Asteroid Blast Demo.exe" to play the game. Use the mouse to navigate the menus, and the keyboard (default) to control your ship. Arrow keys move the ship, and 'zero' and 'period' on the Numeric Keypad are the 'fire' and 'teleport' buttons. Use the "Config" menu to use your favorite gamepad. --- I've gone through extensive beta testing on several computers, but there's still the possibility that there's some bugs in my game. Please let me know if you run into any bugs! Also, I'm still open to ideas and suggestions to make this game even more fun! [Edited by - Dookie on July 14, 2007 11:42:30 PM]

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