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Depth sprites in hierarchical rendering of large models.

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I want to be rendering v. large indoor environments (think the inside of the space ship in Rama or Babylon 5). I currently have an occlusion algorithm which is working fine for small indoor, but for large indoor with 100's of thousands to millions of polygons it won't be enough on its own. The idea I have had at the back of my mind for ages is to use depth sprites for sections of the map that are far away. What I was thinking was, while drawing my spacial sub div tree, if a node (not just a leaf) is further away than X and smaller than Y then I render that whole node as one depth-sprite (all the child subtrees of this node that is). Then when I reach that node from then on I can update if need be, but all the geometry rendering etc will be cut out, I can just render a camera aligned quad. Does this sound like it will work? Any examples of it someone can point me to? As a side note, I thought an interesting extension to depth-sprites would be the use of pixel displacement mapping/parallex mapping. This would (probably?) extend the range the camera can move without invalidating the depth sprite. Thanks!

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