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Is DigiPen the right place for me?

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Im good at maths and stuff, but many people say that DigiPen its the best and other many ppl also say the best thing is to get a degree in a tradional university than to masters in DigiPen. Im from Spain, what do you think? What would you recommend me for not to have some dificulties in Digipen? Im reading right now some C/C++ Books for noobs. Im 16 yrs old. Thanx

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Nobody can say whether a school is right for you, you have to look into it yourself and judge it based on your personal criteria. Visiting schools usually helps a lot, but since you're in Spain, I suspect that's difficult. The websites for the schools themselves can give you some information, but obviously they spin that information so you have to take it with a grain of salt. Since visiting is probably not an option, you're next best option is to talk to current students at various schools. If you have specific questions about DigiPen, I (and others) can answer based on what the school was like when I was there. You might want to seek out some students from other schools as well.

That said, I attended both DigiPen and traditional computer science programs and am now a professional. I can offer you the following advice:

a) DigiPen, as a degree, gives you no more clout than anybody with a traditional computer science degree in 95% of the cases. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it makes employers look less favorably upon you. That all depends on the employer and their is precious little you can do about it.

b) DigiPen has a relatively weak (software development / computer science) theory component to its program, focusing instead on more practical knowledge (but has an excellent theoretical computer graphics course set). This means you will likely have fundamental theoretical/foundational gaps in your education that you might have to correct by studying that material on your own (or face the consequences when it comes to get a job).

c) Basically, I want to stress the absolute importance of considering places that are "traditional" as well as highly-focused like DigiPen. If you don't, you only do yourself a disservice.

However, you're 16. You don't need to worry too much yet. As far as C++ goes, I generally prefer to recommend people do not learn C++ as a first language (there is no good reason to do so, other than pure desire or masochism); although as an aspiring game developer you will probably learn C++ eventually, it can be more painful and slower than necessary to learn it first. Python is usually a good choice.

If you insist on C++, Google for "Thinking in C++" and "C++: A Dialog," which are both good freely-available online books on the subject.

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