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OpenGL letters indipendent from rotation

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i have developed a procedure that displays letters in positions, indipendent from rotation: subroutine myglprint3f(locx,locy,locz,frase,r,g,b,locscale) implicit double precision (a-h),(o-z) include<opengl.ins> include<disp.car> include<displ.car> real*8 locx,locy,locz,locscale,x1x(1),y1y(1),z1z(1)!,x,y,z character*(*) frase integer length real*8 mv(16),mp(16) integer view(4),risultato call glcolor3d(r,g,b) x=locx; y=locy; z=locz<----------are coordinates of the point where i want to write length=len_trim(frase) call glgetdoublev(GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX,mv) call glgetdoublev(GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX,mp) call glgetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT,view)<-------------take the actual matrix call glpushmatrix call glloadidentity risultato= gluProject(x,y,z,mv,mp,view,x1x(1),y1y(1),z1z(1))<----------coord of the point in the screen space if(risultato.eq.gl_false) print*,'errore gluproj' ix=x1x(1); iy=y1y(1) call glReadPixels(ix,iy,1,1,GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT,GL_DOUBLE,z)<----find the z call glgetdoublev(GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX,mv) call glgetdoublev(GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX,mp) call glgetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT,view)<----------matrix used to display the object risultato= gluUnProject(dble(ix),dble(iy),z,mv,mp,view,x,y,z) <------------from the coordinates pixel and the z found before, revenue how much must be x, y, z of my number if(risultato.eq.gl_false) print*,'errore gluUNproj' call gltranslatef(sngl(x),sngl(y),sngl(z)) call glscalef(sngl(locscale),sngl(locscale),sngl(locscale)) do i=1, length call numero(frase(i:i)) <---------draw a letter call gltranslated(dble(1.6),0.d0,0.d0) <----space between chars enddo call glpopmatrix end the problem is that if the z find with glReadPixel is >3.1 letter disappear... don't understand why. here a movie of what happen: http://sephiroth.web-gratis.net/print.htm

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