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MD3 Tags

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Dear community , i've already posted something similar quite a time... but this is going to make me insane i can't get the different part of MD3 model aligned correctly. In fact i write the parser for use in D3D using a left handed coordinate system. all is loaded correctly but the mulipart mesh is not aligned correctly, here is what i do in pseudo code for the parsing of MD3 Tags :

void CMD3Model::ParseTag(FILE *f,MD3Tag& t)


		t.m = D3DXMATRIXA16(    t.X.x,t.Y.x,t.Z.x,0,


then i link the meshes according to tags like so : // This attach the legs with tags that have been parsed in lower.md3 named tag_torso legs->Attach(0,torso); // This attach the head to the tags that have been parsed in upper.md3 named tag_head torso->Attach(0,head); The number is the ID of the link in case a mesh is attached to multiple childs... I know that people start by converting the tag matrix in a quaternion , but for know i want to understand where is the fault in my code or knowledge about this format... Thanks in advance if you can help me ! i've been stucked for this since 1 month...(i made other things of course but this is giving me headache)...

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None has done a MD3 Viewer with Direct3D ?
Please i really appreciate some help on this...

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up !
i really need md3 rendering... , i must say that i use D3D with left handed coordinates...

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