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[XNA] When to use game services, when to use GameComponents...

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Hey y'all, I am just wondering if there is any sort of definitive rule on when to use GameComponents and when to use game services. Take for example, something I have been toying around with a little bit. Right now I have a DrawableGameComponent called a console. It doesn't do much right now except print a few lines of text at the top of the screen. I am thinking that it might be better to break it into a service and a DrawableGameComponent. That way other parts of the progam can have access to it (by requesting that service). The Services would in turn use the DrawableGameComponent to draw the actual text. Is this a better way of doing things, or am I confused about the architexture of XNA programs?

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Sounds logical. You actually don't even have to make two classes to do that. Services don't have to be interfaces. So this works just fine: (Edit: don't shoot me if the code isn't 100% right, I'm just typing this in from memory)

MyConsoleClass console = new MyConsoleClass(this);
Services.AddService(typeof(MyConsoleClass), console);

And then any other component can get it:

MyConsoleClass console = (MyConsoleClass)Game.Services.GetService(typeof(MyConsoleClass));

So you don't even have to break it up to expose it as a service.

Basically when thinking about the two you use a game component if you need to draw something or do something every frame (update). You use a service if you need access to something from within all the game components. You would use both if you have something you need to draw/update and you need access to it from other components.

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