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Tang of the Mountain


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Im using physx and trying to simulate projectiles etc. Since they move so fast, im using physx continuous collision detection(CCD) I have skeletons set up and the flags are all set, but my projectile still fires through objects. And in some cases through the ground. ( at roughly 800 meters/sec) in fact, i have slowed the projectile to 40 meters/sec and i can still fire through the terrain at certain angles without physx ever recognizing a collision. Although this fixes the problem with firing through other dynamic objects(which also have NX_SF_DYNAMIC_DYNAMIC_CCD set and a ccd skeleton) EntityContactReport's EntityContactReport never gets hit on the instances it goes through the terrain or an object. I have set the NX_SF_DYNAMIC_DYNAMIC_CCD flag and the ccd skeleton is in place. I render the ccd skeleton and the CCD test. My two objects are a barrel and a bullet. The barrel, when dropped moving at about 2-4 meters/sec triggers the ccd test even though its fully below the ccd threshold. which is set to 100meters/sec Im almost certain there is something wrong outside of the ccd. I have everything set up as it is in the demo's provided. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? Any help is appreciated as always.

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