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NV+FBO+Stencil = Bug?

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It looks like I hit a driver bug in nVidia here but I'm not sure maybe somebody can verify this. I have an FBO with an attached depth/stencil ( packed extension ) which has been initialized with scene geometry. Now I want to render some volumes to create a masc for later rendering. In this case the volume faces are sometimes coplanar with world geometry faces. The problem is now that this is not working at all. I have tried glPolygonOffset with everything from small to huge offsets but nothing works. It looks like the nVidia drivers simply ignore any glPolygonOffset in FBO/Stenil mode. If I disable depth testing it works so it is a problem with glPolygonOffset. I have used glPolygonOffset( 1.0f, -1.0f ) up to glPolygonOffset( 1.0f, -100.0f ) and even with positive values but nothing worked. Hence does nVidia have there a big time driver bug? I can not explain this behavior otherwise nor to I have any idea to fix this except messing with the projection matrix which though I think to remember is not a good idea at all.

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