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Clipmap tile alignment

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Wondering if anyone can help here, I've implemented a version of the clipmap terrain rendering article (from Hoppe, Microsoft). Using the GPU accelerated version (making use of vertex texture fetches). It's pretty much all 'done' except for two issues. And I'm currently trying to fix this one. My clipmap size is 255 units per tile (meaning the height texture is 255+1=256 pixels wide & high). The document describes:
The choice of grid size n = 2k−1 has the further advantage that the finer level is never exactly centered with respect to its parent next-coarser level. In other words, it is always offset by 1 grid unit either left or right, as well as either top or bottom (see Figure 2-4), depending on the position of the viewpoint.
Which I can appreciate, but I'm still having problems with this part. If I render all my tiles with no offset, there is a half-tile 'hole' around them. Which is as described and because the 'center' of the tile is in the middle of a tile rather than on a corner. But when I try shifting the tile based on the position of the viewpoint different tile layers begin to lie atop the next coarser layer. I think I've just been playing with this issue for so long my mind is missing an obvious solution :( Just wondering if anyone can give any input, thanks! Vas

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