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Sylph Online

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http://www.SylphOnline.com -Sylph Online is a Free 2D MMORPG. The game is based on three factions, Dawn, Dusk and Twilight, And here is the story: 1000 years ago the Sylph aided the creator in forming A Perfect world. Noras, the High Sylph of Light created the sylph guardians of dawn to watch over the daylight. Iptus, the High Sylph of Darkness created the sylph guardians of dusk to watch over the Night. Milara, the High Sylph of Balance created the sylph guardians of twilight to protect the delicate balance of power between day and night. Sylph Online is a unique fantasy story about the beginnings war on the continent of Liras Between the 3 Factions of Dawn, Twilight, and Dusk. The Dusk and Dawn Factions have specific goals related to the advent of the pandemonium. The Dawn: The Faction Of Light is centered in the eastern lands of lira. They wish to create a world of perpetual Day in hopes of preventing the pandemonium.This faction is full of radicals who wish to eradicate the dusk who betrayed the world. They follow the teaching of Noras, the High Sylph of dawn. The Dusk: The Faction of darkness is centered in the western Lands of Liras. These Men And women hope to create a world of eternal night in order to bring about the pandemonium. They wish to take over the world by harnessing the power of demons. They follow the teachings of the High Sylph Iptus. The Twilight: These Men and women wish to restore the balance between night and day. Powered by the twilight Sylph of High Sylph Milara, they wish to bring the world back into its former glory. They do not wish for the coming of pandemonium but have taken a more neutral approach. They only wish for peace.

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