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Network coding in Java?

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Is this possible? [rant] here's the scoop, little ol' me is working for the government as the IT intern. Te government is pretty high on need moar interwebz at the moment and simply calling our department is not preferrable as it is to send in a help desk ticket and then have it sit there for a good month then get looked at, find it it;s been resolved and thus given a pat on th head for a job well done. Here's where I come on, my particular job involves alot of intermittent naps and fulfilling any personal hobbies I feel I can do whilst I wait for the fabled phone calls so I can help some one out. I've taken it upon myself to do a completely unnecessary project of designing a customized help desk ticket system. Please don't tell me there are easier ways of doing it becuase I know outlook can easily do something like that. [/rant] I simply want to know how to send essentially one "class" that is filled with the data needed to provide a ticket. I've program a GUI for this in Java and was wondering if I can continue using java to program networking code into it. it's basically like sending e-mail in a very specific format and a few other variables to notify the IT employees who has taken the task and if it's completed. can anyone provide a way for java to do this and if there isn;t how do use different languages in one program

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Here, take this cat.

Now, swing it around.

I'll pay you $100 if you can do that without hitting a CRM/Support system application.

Or, simply put, what you're asking is a topic that's been chewed over a million times. And that's just today.

This type of applications, complete with all the notification systems is readily available in a ton of OS projects. Start with ticket systems.

Unfortunately I feel that starting such project from scratch, free activity or not, is a complete and utter waste of time. Look through open source solutions, find one that suits you, work from there.

The reason I mention this, is because the business logic is well understood, and has been studied by under various doctrines like CMM or Six Sigma. All of have determined best practices for how to represent data, how to correlate it, as well as all other related data.

In Java, this is done almost exclusively on server side, as a web application, using direct database access. PHP is also popular for these solutions, there's even some .Net ones.

If you're doing this client-side with remote networking of any kind you're simply going against the most common use-case (go to problem computer, find out it's nothing you can fix, mark this in your log, and issue new tasks). Since your application is local, you'd either need to install it, or jot it down on a piece of paper.

Seriously, the only advice I can give is look and use existing solutions, and tweak them to your case.

I believe that Apache project would be your best bet for custom libraries, including e-mail.

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