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Visual C++ in 21 Days: ODBC trouble.

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Hi guys/gals I need your help once more.  Under the guidance of “Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days” I’m trying to learn Visual C++ but I’ve run into some problems with Day 14: Retrieving data from an ODBC Database, everything works fine until it’s it time for DDX_FieldText to convert a COleDateTime variable. The book solves this by doing it more or less manually

1: void CDbOdbcView::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX)
2: {
3: CRecordView::DoDataExchange(pDX);
4: // Copy the DOB from the record set to the view variable
5: if (pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate == FALSE)
6: m_oledtDOB = m_pSet->m_Birthdate;
7: //{{AFX_DATA_MAP(CTestdb5View)
8: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EID, m_pSet->m_AddressID, m_pSet);
9: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EFNAME, m_pSet->m_FirstName, m_pSet);
10: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ELNAME, m_pSet->m_LastName, m_pSet);
11: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ESNAME, m_pSet->m_SpouseName, m_pSet);
12: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ESTATE, m_pSet->m_StateOrProvince, m_pSet);
13: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ECITY, m_pSet->m_City, m_pSet);
14: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EADDR, m_pSet->m_Address, m_pSet);
15: DDX_FieldCheck(pDX, IDC_CBCARD, m_pSet->m_SendCard, m_pSet);
16: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ECOUNTRY, m_pSet->m_Country, m_pSet);
17: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EEMAIL, m_pSet->m_EmailAddress, m_pSet);
18: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EFAX, m_pSet->m_FaxNumber, m_pSet);
19: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EHPHONE, m_pSet->m_HomePhone, m_pSet);
20: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_ENOTES, m_pSet->m_Notes, m_pSet);
21: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EWEXT, m_pSet->m_WorkExtension, m_pSet);
22: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EWPHONE, m_pSet->m_WorkPhone, m_pSet);
23: DDX_FieldText(pDX, IDC_EZIP, m_pSet->m_PostalCode, m_pSet);
24: DDX_Text(pDX, IDC_EDOB, m_oledtDOB);
25: //}}AFX_DATA_MAP
26: // Copy the DOB variable back from the view variable to the record set
27: if (pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate == TRUE)
28: m_pSet->m_Birthdate = m_oledtDOB;
29: }

So I added the line 5 and 6 + 27 and 28 like the book says, and compile, The code compiles and run and work like it should, But here the trouble starts, When returning to the ClassWizard I get a Parsing error: Expected “DDX_” Input line: if(pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate == FALSE) And then there is no Object ID’s no Members Function No nothing, the MFC ClassWizard is empty. I’m I doing something wrong or what??? Anyone got a similar problem and got a solution for it…

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