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I have to choose an Engine...

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First of all I want to say that I am from Germany and so my English is badly sometimes... I try to do it short: I will make a FPS, I have a little team and the idea of this game is complete. Now I need an Engine, which supports many features and is not too complicated (good and ease of use editors are important). Here is my summary: The Engine must: - a very good feature list!!! (bump, reflection, (maybe refraction), Bloom, HDR, Parallax Occlusion, good lighting, blur, (maybe Depth of Field), and some more!!) - ease of use editors - a good script language to make the gameplay more interesting (something like LUA, but no C++!) The Engine should: - have an A.I. system, because to programm a A.I. is very complicated - have physics (maybe things like cloth etc.) The Engine mustn´t: - be very flexible ( I only want to make a FPS nothing else!) - include the source code ( I dont know exactly how important the source code is for a game...) - be royalty-free, but the royalties shouldnt be too high... - support many platforms like Mac etc... Windows is okay I was between C4 and Lawmaker, but than I saw at devmaster a few engines more and so Im very confused... Please help me, because C4 and Lawmaker are both not really perfect for my project. The question of money is not so important... I just want to hear a few names... Thx! [Edited by - Drago90 on July 27, 2007 11:27:15 AM]

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