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Teapot artifacts

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jollyjeffers    1570
You've not really given us much information to go on.

Are the artefacts constant? Or do they change as the model/view transform changes?

Do you get the same artefacts under the reference rasterizer?

Are you sure you're not missing any geometry or have a corrupted dataset? Where are you getting the data from?

How are you rendering it? Any interesting/releveant pipeline configuration details we should know about?

fwiw, I've rendered plenty of utah teapots in my time and not come across this problem.


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ManixReaper    619
Never mind.
Turns out there was something when setting up my view/projection that was wrong. Got some other code to get it to work so all I need to do is figure out what not to do next time. Still don't know why an issue with the view/projection would cause that bug.

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Armadon    1091
Your near and far clipping plane might be a problem here.
Have you tried setting your near clipping plane to 1.0f and 1000.0f respectively?

Other than that, it seems that yours depth buffer are messing up.
Are you letting DirectX handle your depth buffer such as setting your PresentParameters to AutoDepthStencilEnable to true?

I hope this helps.
Take care.

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