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sprite shadows

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nex7    192
For those of you using 2d art to make your you put sprite shadows into a second layer beneath the player? I am moving in that direction for things like trees and buildings since the shadows are so large.

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DrCoolSanta    100
Since it is 2D as you say, shadows will always remain the same, won't they? All the games that I have seen now, including the 2D games on GBA have shadows made in the tile, no layers or stuff as you say.

In 2D games the source of light always seems to be overhead, and according to the weather and day time, the hue of the screen changes, I have seen no games with shadows being rendered by the game.

EDIT: And as you say the buildings are big, I suggest you tell the API you use, but even then, you would do the same thing most probably.

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stevenmarky    369
Putting them in a seperate layer sounds sensible - assuming that the reason for doing this is to reduce wasted texture space.

DrCoolSanta: How do you know the shadows were not stored on different layers?

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mindrot    253
carful when you draw your shadows though
this is a 2d isometric so blit order matters

lets say the shadow is pointing north west of the character
then that character walks up to a building to the north of him

his shadow (depending on order) would over lay on the building in
an ugly way...
personally id rather draw the building on top of the shadow and have it cut off
than have a shadow destroy the isometric illusion

or - just do like fallout
have 'shadow' simply be a black smudge underneath the character included in the actual frames of animation

as for buildings - unless lightsources change - build them into the sprite
it will require the same amount of dataspace regardless of layers(i think)

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