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Please, I really need some help!! is there anyone here who knows anything about DirectMusic?? I got a serious problem in the part of maximum and minimum distance of a sound, it's necessary to make with that one definitive sound has a minimum point of volume, where its volume is not reduced anymore, and is by volume total of it, this part I can do it, but now comes my problem... I have to set a maximum point for this sound, so of as many meters is the sound ahead, it's not heard by the listener of my application. I made a program to illustrate my problem, where you can choose to walk with the listener for front or stop backwards, in my example), I set the minimum for this sound with value of 80 meters and the maximum with 800 meters, in which the sound starts to attenuate (to diminish) from the 80 meters for front of the position of the sound, or 80 meters it stops backwards of the sound's position. I tested of the following form: I go with the listener up to 800 meters, and step of this point, but the sound still continues touching (being heard by the listener), even with a really low volume, but it continues being heard, what it would have that to be different; passing of the 800 meters that I determined in the maximum function and minimum of the sound, the listener should not to listen to this sound anymore. I ask for some help for anyone who knows to resolve my problem, and I'm offering my entire program with the libraries and cpps in this link: If somebody could be able to give one tested in the TestSound program that I made and see if discovers what it is happening I'll be very thankful !! Since already thanks a lot! Bruno.

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