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api for 2d?

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Ravyne    14300
Original post by Mekanikles is allways a good start if you decide for OpenGL

No it's not. See this thread for why not.

Probably SDL or Allegro would be your best bet for a simple, inclusive 2D API. Though you could always use DirectX (DirectGraphics, DirectSound, etc) or OpenGL (with FMOD or OpenAL for sound).

However, using a 3D API for 2D graphics is the generally preferred method these days if performance and features are a concern.

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Mekanikles    139
Have to disagree with you there ravyne2001, now I agree it's not in mint condition but for one who has never seen OpenGL before I think it's very leniant. Sure did help me understand how GL works in general, but that a few years ago though... :)

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