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Rotation Surface

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willthrom    122
Hi, I have develop a app using Direct9(migrate to directX7 with directdraw) to manage surface with GDI+ to draw primitives, text and other windows stuff. Now, I need to rotate all 90 degrees to the left because the phisical screen are rotate. I know that a fast method is imposible but.... any idea? My only thought is render to texture, and mapping the texture in a plane(cube,etc) and rotate the view... but I thing that it is very very very slow (GDI+ is the worst by now I cant change it). And in this case.. how can a offscreen surface (used to draw GDI+) render in a texture? Now, a direct7 code with lock surface and a software rotate is coded by it´s very slow :( Thank you. [Edited by - willthrom on August 2, 2007 2:12:12 AM]

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