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(I have nothing to do with this company, just found this cool portable computer that you can make games on) Dear all, Virtual Cogs Embedded Systems Inc. is proud to announce the official release of our newest product, the PC COG. Formally known as the Portable Computing/Gaming COG, this new device will serve as a great platform for developing portable gaming consoles, mini computers, smart phones and PDAs. Information can be found at: Prototype versions in action can also be seen on our wiki at: We have a very limited quantity available in this run, so we are opening these up for pre-orders. For those who pre-ordered the VCMX212 in anticipation of the release of this board, the PC COG units reserved for these customers can now be ordered. A kit with everything you need is also available at: We expect these units to begin shipping in approximately 5 weeks time, however we are working hard to expedite this. -- Tarun Tuli Vice President, Virtual Cogs Embedded Systems Inc. Unit 4, 5694 Highway 7 East, Suite 311 Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 1B4 416-238-2231

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