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Cash Curtis II

Enter the Geisha House, an epic RPG.

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Geisha House
Welcome to the Geisha House. A place of beauty and magic. A place of evil...
You are Walker Creel, King’s Captain of the Guard. Strange things have been happening throughout the land. Crimes have increased, people are turning up missing, and rumors of evil things roaming the land freely are whispered in the pubs and inns. The king wishes for you to investigate the rumors, and return to him with more information. After several weeks of searching, the clues that you have gathered point to an unlikely location – Marauder’s Bay. It is a small den of thieves and pirates, outside of the jurisdiction of the king. There, you have no authority. However, you must gather information worthy of your charge. Marauder’s Bay is famous for its Bath House, with its beautiful but greedy Geisha and Bath girls. It is a common vacation spot for the wealthy and unscrupulous, wishing to avoid the watchful eye of the King’s Royal Guard. You commission a small ferry to take you to the bay. There you will enter a land unknown to you, and unsympathetic to your cause.
Geisha House is a single player RPG that has been in development for a year and a half now. It has highly detailed 3D models, some of the latest in shader technology, and utilizes Ageia PhysX. It is written in Dark Basic Professional. I know that it's not the language of choice around here, but it is highly effective for a one man team. The game began as a tech demo for various single player RPG mechanics. With hard work and lots of community feedback, it matured into a full RPG. It draws upon English and Spanish elements, and of course some Japanese. It is by no means a Japanese game - the Japanese that have taken up residence in Marauder's Bay are displaced outsiders. A couple character screenshots...
Geisha House
Main character concept art, by the esteemed Psionic...
Geisha House
It is based on Colin Farrel from the movie The New World. Here are some of his weapons...
Geisha House
Geisha House
There are many videos on Youtube., but for your viewing convenience here are a couple.
Here is a demonstration of the conversation system and a bit of magic.
">Geisha House Conversations
Mega Magic, including the all powerful Death Vortex...
">Geisha House Magic
A bit of the paperdoll and inventory system.
">Geisha House Inventory The magic system consists of a system of spinning runes. As you learn more, using magic becomes more complicated...
Geisha House Runes
Here the player is casting the spell 'Protective Shield', which creates an energy shield around the player. It is highly effective but doesn't last all that long.
Geisha House Magic
A bit of conversation...
Geisha House Talking
Oops, that conversation went poorly...
Geisha House Death
Walker Creel, pondering his next move.
Geisha House Walker
Walker Creel made a bad move, apparently.
Geisha House Fight
Time to kick back and order a drink...
Geisha House Bar
The game engine is done, and the game itself is being worked on. That includes tons of dialog, game flags, and some game media. Go ahead and take a look at some of the videos. Let me know what you think and how this can be improved. I've currently got two publishers interested in this game, but no commitments yet. My only desire is to make it into the best possible game that an indie developer is capable of.
Geisha House Banner

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Thanks guys, a lot of work and love have gone into this. There won't be any new videos for a couple weeks because I'm moving from Japan to Germany. I've been meaning to post my project here but I never seem to have the time to set up a proper post for it. Here in my hotel I've got a bit of free time.

The next video will demonstrate the NPC schedules and jobs. Each NPC will operate on a schedule, performing various mundane tasks. That is, until you make them angry or they are threatened. As they become angrier they'll start yelling at you and finally attack you.

The only job that I've put in so far is Bartending. The bar maid will fill drinks, keep the lights on and close doors behind you.

Later all.

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