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makeing a game

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violentcrayon    162
If by new you mean new to programming, I would suggest you NOT try an RTS game. In fact, the first several games you start will likely go unfinished. Sad but true. Your first game should be something simple. An RTS is (potentially) one of the most complex (read: balance) genres out there...especially if you plan on introducing more than two factions. Of course, if the factions are the same except for names, then balance is confined solely to balancing that single faction instead of balancing that faction against itself and other factions. There are plenty of other problems that I am sure someone more knowledgeable could provide.

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cemedias    133
First, explain what you mean by "new to this". It also helps if you tell us (at least me) what you already have accomplished (like do you have a language in mind, API, engine, etc).

If you mean "new to coding", then don't even consider starting off making an RTS. After you have learned a language and are decent with it, make some simple text games. Stuff like "Guess the Number" and tic-tac-toe games. Eventually once you understand more about programming you will be able to move onto a graphical API.

For graphics, I suggest SDL if you're going the C++ route. It's simple, easy to learn, cross-platform, and efficient.

After you give a better description of what you need, you will get better, more in-depth, replies.

Good luck at whatever is "new" to you!

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