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Fun with barycentric coordinates

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Hey! I have a problem I would like some help on solving... For my little project, I don't have access to any fancy hardware and/or shaders or anything like that. I need to perform texturing and stuff like that on my own. My current implementation for finding out the barycentric coordinates for a triangle, and then to apply the values as interpolation for the texture coordinates to that triangle is a bit slow.. I calculate the barycentric coordinates "from scratch" for every pixel inside the current triangle I want to process. But some sources indicate that the bary.coords. can be computed incrementally (using only additions after the initial setup (i assume)). However, I can't really figure out how that should be done! I would much appreciate any help or tips I can get! I've looked around the net for answers, but I can't find anything that helps this particular matter :/ Thanks in advance! /Magnus

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