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SDL Question

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Hello, i have been learning SDL with Lazy Foo's tutorials and now i am trying to make a simple game where the character can walk around. i have made it so the player moves when one of the arrow keys is pressed but you have to repeatedly press it. So my question is how do you make it so you just hold down the button? this is my code for drawing the player, background: EDIT: forgot to mention applySurface() is the function in the Lazy Foo tutorials for blitting the surfaces to the screen.
    while(quit != true)
        if (SDL_Flip(screen) == -1)
            return 1;
        applySurface(0, 0, background, screen);
        applySurface(playerX, playerY, player, screen);
            if(event.type == SDL_QUIT)
                // Quits the game
                quit = true;
            if(event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN)
                    case SDLK_UP:
                         playerY -= 6;
                    case SDLK_DOWN:
                         playerY += 6;
                    case SDLK_LEFT:
                         playerX -= 6;
                    case SDLK_RIGHT:
                         playerX += 6;
i don't know if this is simple but thanks in advance :D

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All of this is mentioned in tutorial 16. Don't just download the source code, the tutorials only work if you actually read them

Also read article 4 after you're done. Your game loop needs better structure.

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simple way of doing it - though not the most efficent

create 3 global ints

int xVel =0;
int yVel =0;
int speed =6;

in your KEYDOWN switch
have RIGHT
set xVel = speed;
set xVel = -speed;

in UP
set yVel = -speed;
set yVel = speed;

create another if
if(event.type == SDL_KEYUP)

use same switch
set the xVel and yVel back to 0

then under your input

move character based on xVel and yVel

pseudo code

//load stuff
//draw stuff
set x and y velocities to speed or -speed based on direction
set x and y velocities to zero based on need

//update character
character.xPosition += xVel;
character.yPosition += yVel;

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This way has always done the job for me

bool keys[323] = {false}; // among globals, holds keyboard buttons states
bool btns[3] = {false}; // among globals, holds mouse button states
SDL_Event event; // among globals, key to the users hands

void updateinput(); // among prototypes
void handleinput(); // among prototypes

int main (int argc, char*argv[])
init(); // initializes sub/systems
loadobjects(); // loads objs,graphics,fonts,sounds

while (app){ // main loop

ticks1 = SDL_GetTicks();

updateinput(); // the name is self-explainatory
handleinput(); // same here i believe
//renderscene(); and all you need

ticks2 = SDL_GetTicks();
if ((ticks2 - ticks1) < FRAME_TIME)
SDL_Delay(FRAME_TIME - (ticks2 - ticks1));


freeobjects(); // frees space; counter part of loadobjects()
deinit(); // closes sub/systems; counter part of init()

return 0;
void updateinput()
while (SDL_PollEvent(&event)){
if (event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN) // if a button is pressed
keys[event.key.keysym.sym] = true; // store its state
if (event.type == SDL_KEYUP) // and only when released
keys[event.key.keysym.sym] = false;// change it
if (event.type == SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN) // same as above
btns[event.button.button] = true;
if (event.type == SDL_MOUSEBUTTONUP)
btns[event.button.button] = false;

void handleinput()
if(keys[SDLK_LEFT]) buddy_x -= 3;
if(keys[SDLK_DOWN]) buddy_y += 3;
if(keys[SDLK_UP]) buddy_y -= 3;
if(keys[SDLK_RIGHT]) buddy_x += 3;

// a couple ways of quittin
if ( btns[SDL_BUTTON_LEFT] ||
app = false;

if(event.type == SDL_QUIT) app = false ;

Ive put only the input related shivers to save forum bytes, ask for further if needed =)

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