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lua_getfield behavior

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Hi everyone. I'm currently adding lua to my c++ project, and it works fine : I'm amazed by the flexibility it is going to bring ! However, I'm a bit anoyed by the lack of documentation available (or at least, that I could find). Every function is documented at, but too briefly... As a result, I don't know what is the behavior of lua_getfield() if the searched key doesn't appear anywhere in any file. Does anybody knows ? Or at least, if you know a good documentation place for the lua api... (though I suspect the value to be "nil", I'm not sure...) I want my lua files to be modifiable by everyone, and everyone is more likely to make mistake and forget to set an important value. So I'd like to check in my programm if "name" has been set, and if not, throw an error in the log so that the user can see why (and where) his code doesn't work. Edit : Okay, nevermind...
luaL_dofile(luaVM, "test.lua");

lua_getglobal(luaVM, "a");
if (lua_isnil(luaVM, -1))
	printf("a is nil.");
test.lua :
b = 12
c = 96
returns : "a is nil"... Nothing worth experiment :P [Edited by - Kaloux on August 3, 2007 6:41:54 PM]

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