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Do J2ME Midlets work on PocketPC and Palm?

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Original post by Goguis
If not, what do I need to do to make them work?
The devices don't have native hardware support for Java. Many newer Palms have support, but it isn't on all palm devices.

Both platforms have Java virtual machines available for them, but the good ones cost money.

How can I develop for PocketPC?
This has already been answered in the forums. Type your question "How can I develop for PocketPC" into the search box and start reading.

You can download the PocketPC SDK and compilers from Microsoft directly. The easiest option is to use the wizards and tools in MS Visual Studio 2003/2005 Professional (and above). If you choose neither of those or want to target older devices you can download eMbedded Visual C++ for free, but it is quite old and doesn't support the c++ standard.

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