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robsjmith    122
What is the best engine I can use to write games quickly and with little knowledge? I kept reading xna with c# is a good way, but it has proven difficult to find any reliable tutorials.

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cabbar    127
Not an engine but there are tools like GameMaker that helps you build a game. I haven't used XNA so far but afaik XNA isn't a game engine but a game development framework, so you might still need an engine if you use it. If you still want to use it, take a look at:

Other than that, I don't really know an engine as you described. But there's a nice list of engines with features here:

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JWalsh    498
If you've got limited or no previous programming experience I'd recommend using a pre-packaged game making system such:

The 3D Gamemaker

If you do have previous programming experience XNA and C# are the best way to create your own engine quickly, but it is not an engine, it's a framework for an engine.

If you actually want an engine, do a search for the following:
Crystal Space
Irrlicht Engine

Or, if none of those meet your needs, there's always [google]. Try "List of Game Engines"


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suliman    1652
an engine that uses c++ but is very simple to use and with lots of newbie tutorials is hge. its also free but support only 2d although it has built in features to support 3d gpu cards. I would strongly recommend using it.

Do NOT start your programming carrier with a 3D engine, you will not get far.

Alteratively start by making text-programs (in c++). It might not sound very fun but it actually is. At least if you're interested in programming at all. If your not, try out game maker and such previously suggested in this post.

Good luck

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