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Data Types

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Hazardx    122
When programmers use data types in their codes do they usually have charts explaining memory size and value for it or when programmers get skilled enough they are able to memorize them? Like i have to keep constantly look at a chart. Another question i have is do you have a chart or what kind of thing do you use to help you for this?

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KulSeran    3267
You have your engine guys typedef all the little things, like u32 s32 f32 f64 VEC3 etc. so that you have a set
grouping of data types that you know what all the sizes are. And then you have coding standards that include things like
marking every 16/32/64 bytes of a struct with a comment.
This gets important on some of the bigger structures, and really important so you can keep track of any padding you might need
to force (for save files and the like).

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